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How to get lots of Items, Gold, Mana, and Treusure Cards in Wizard101

August 4, 2009

Play Doodle Doug at the fairgrounds.

At the end of each level,

Press the space bar rapidly (if you have any bombs left) and your score will go up rapidly.

Once the game has ended you will get lots of gold and items if you play long enough.



Wizard 101 Codes

August 3, 2009

Hi this is Boblar I have some wizard 101 codes for you. Here is one.

(Note: You do NOT have to have any crowns or anything else to do this)

1) Go to the wizard 101 hompage 

2) Log in

3) Click “Reedeem card or code”

4) Once a window pops up click “Wizard 101 Promotional Codes”

5) Enter these codes:

Castle (Gives you an item for your castle or dorm room)

Wizard (Gives you an amulet)  

SummerDragon (Gives you an awsome fire dragon!)

Frog (Gives you 500 gold!)

Now log in to the game that you have installed.

Once you have logged in, you will see and gift box icon on the left side of your screen.

Click on it.

It will show you all the things you typed in.

Press recieve for every one of your items.

Have fun with your items!